Legal issues surrounding Employee Relations management

Legal issues surrounding Employee Relations management
Research that topic, and prepare a paper that examines the topic. This paper should be the product of research, some analysis, and your interpretation of any data that you may find and include in your project paper.

The paper should be approximately four pages in length, typed, and double-spaced. The structure of this paper should consist of an introduction, the body, your conclusions, recommendations, if appropriate, and references cited. You should include a cover page; references/citations, and graphics, if applicable. Graphics pages should not to be counted as part of the four pages of your paper. The introduction should include the following:

 Background– explains why your Employee Relations topic issue is significant.

 Problem or issue identification. The problem or issue should be presented in the form of a question (Such as, what are the implications of the legal & regulatory issues in the workplace?)

The body of the paper should include the findings from your research. Be sure to use appropriate citations for direct quotes and paraphrases. Your observations, conclusions and recommendations should be supported by appropriate course concepts along with your research findings.

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