Literary Review

Review Essays (such as Book Reviews, Literary Review) get assigned to students in high schools, colleges or universities across the USA. They require students to express their opinions on a certain piece of literature, film, verse, or poetry. Review essays are created to show the student’s ability to analyze the selected topic or book and present his views on it. Review essays allow the professors to understand how attentively students read books or poetry, or watch assigned movies. So, do you want to know how to write a review ?

Review Essays usually are short in length (up to 3 pages, depending on the object reviewed) and thus, urge the writers to succinctly express their points of view on paper. Laconic, consistent style is required throughout the essay, so the writers need to do a lot of preliminary work.

The rough draft is required for review essays just like for many other types of essays since it gives the writers yet another chance to clarify their thoughts, opinions and style. Once the rough draft is completed, the writer is advised to get back to it in a day or two. Peer reviews of the rough draft are commended to assure quality of the ultimate essay.

Review Essays just like other types of essay comprise the introduction, the body, the referred transition and the conclusion. The introduction briefly points out what the writer is to say in the body of the essay, allowing the reader decide whether or not to proceed with further reading. The body meticulously presents that review pointing out the writer’s opinion together with the facts backed up with proper referencing. The conclusion summarizes the review and might sound more informal, due to the fact that the writer tells whether or not she/he liked the book, movie, or a poem and why.

Review essays should be properly referenced to avoid plagiarism and proofread to eliminate punctuation, spelling or structural errors.

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