Literature review. Medical essays. Picot

Instructions: Using your PICOTS question, search the literature and find two research papers to analyze and apply in practice. Obtain the two articles and analyze them for applicability in practice, considering the following:
> 1. Is the sample representative and similar to the population to which I will apply these findings?
> 2. Do the authors report enough information for me to judge the study’s validity? Consider the reliability and validity of measurements, and other influences on internal validity and external validity.
> 3. What patient or institutional outcomes are expected?
> 4. What barriers exist, if any, to implementation in practice? Are they surmountable, and how? How will you know if the change was implemented as planned, and if outcomes were improved? Include a plan and timeline for implementation in practice.
> Details: Do not exceed 5 double-spaced pages, excluding references, title page, and the actual articles. Attach a copy of each article to your paper; electronic submissions only. Use APA format. The grading rubric is below.

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