Little Woman by L.M. Alcott

The book Little Woman by L.M. Alcott is a story of lives of “little women” or girls exploring their problems, aspirations, likes and dislikes. The book starts with the introduction of 4 main girls, namely, Jo, Beth, Meg and Amy all located in the same room and all complaining about their miserable situation. At some point of time they agree buy themselves presents for Christmas to cheer up, yet the next moment they choose to buy presents for their mom, Marmee. On the Christmas day the girls get to learn how to give breakfast for the poor, and how their neighbor Mr. Laurence sending them a present. The most interesting part of the book starts when Meg and Jo attend a party at Meg’s friend’s house. There Jo meets Laurie (a guy who lives at Mr. Laurence’s house), who escorts the girls home when Meg sprained her ankle. Jo paid a visit to Laurie when he got sick and met Mr. Laurence, who despite an inadvertent insult made by Jo, became her friend. Later Amy was caught in school trading limes and hit by the professor, causing Mrs. March to withdraw her girls from that school. Amy and Jo had some major fights where Jo did not take Amy to the theater and virtually let her drown for having Amy burn Jo’s papers. Meg after a party learnt that the dress is not the most important thing and ultimately hears rumors that she wants to marry Laurie for his financial status.

In Little Woman by L.M. Alcott, the adventures of the girls continue for several years during which Jo had to sell her hair in order to finance their mom’s trip to Washington DC to see their father injured in the war. One learns that Laurie’s tutor, Mr. Brooke falls in love with Meg and the two get engaged, even though Jo liked him, too. In three years they get married. During that time Jo publishes her novel. One learns how difficult it becomes for Meg to take care of the house and how see bear twins, named Daisy and Demi. Later Amy is invited to visit her aunt in Paris who chose her instead of Jo for her exquisite manners. Jo starts to think that Beth is head over heals in love with Laurie so she moves to New York to let the two enjoy each other. In New York she learns how to write using a simpler writing style from Professor Bhaer. Yet when she returns home to her surprise Laurie proposes to her, but since she think that Beth loves Laurie, she rejects him. The next sad thing that happens is that Beth dies. The story ends happily when Amy and Laurie falls in love while in France and get married. Jo also gets married to her professor Bhaer when proposes her. After another set of adventures the story ends with the family members getting together and discussing the blessings that each of them has.

Style and language of Little Woman by L.M. Alcott

Speaking about the style and language and how they are used to convey the theme of the book Little Woman it is necessary to note that it is precisely the language and the style that make this book so interesting and unique. The book has a rather simple language so it reads quickly and easily. It reminded me of the so-called ‘women’s books’ that can be read on the go, in trains or buses or cafes. The language is so simple that one does not have to stop and ponder as to what is meant in a particular paragraph or sentence. At the same time, the style was also masterfully chosen by the author in order to make the book easy to follow. The book contains so many small and interesting subtopics that certainly makes the reader feel as a part of the girls’ family or as the one who is present in their daily routine. The style was mostly narrative without actually dogmatizing or edifying readers anything. It looks like a very optimistic piece of literature showing that the problems are only temporary and frequently are the fruit of imagination of the girls. In fact, this elegant style showed that in most situations things went fine, and although girls thought and worried about certain episodes in life, together with the readers, they, with the exception to Beth (who died) had happy lives.

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