Magazine, Game, Video, and Song Survey writing

Paper instructions:
Review a magazine, video, game, or song that is targeting adolescents between the ages of 12 and 18 years of age. The goal of this project is to use the various items as an indicator of what is important in the life of an average adolescent and what inforamtion they are exposed to when they are looking at these items. Survey one of the items and discuss what the items main focus is for the adolescent. How many items focus on sexual relationships, violence, social issues, religion, personal appearances, fashion, depression, suicide, money, parties, peers, school issues, drugs, health, love, etc. Discuss your findings and what your views are on this type of information being given to adolescents. Please list what item you have reviewed. Write up your observations and answer there questions:
1. Introduce the item that you reviewed and what type of item it was that was reviewed and what age group that it targeted.
2. What topics were most popular among the item reviewed?
3. why do you think these topics would be of interest to adolescents? Were the information presented positive or negative and what effect do you think it has on adolescents?
4. Was the item specifically targeted at boys or girls?
5. Was the item specifically targeted at an ethnic group?
6. Conclude with a summary of your observations about how the items you surveyed reflects the world of the adolescent in the United states?
The paper should be no less than 4 pages long. Paper should contain 1 inch margin. Reference all sources using APA format. Font size should be 12.

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