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Hi- This essay is relating to Marketing Management. Please address the following in the essay. Also, for each of the question, please answer only within one page per question.

1) What are the brand elements of Apple (at least half dozen of the brand elements) contributing to its brand equity. What are Apple’s brands channels of distribution? Identify the brand▓s key points of differentiation and how they provide competitive advantage? What product or service attributes of this brand encourage your brand loyalty? Explain with a specific example or two.

2)-21st century holistic marketers recognize the marketing advantages in product packaging and design. Describe the competitive advantages attained by product design and how might packaging and design differentiate a product in the consumer▓s mind? Would it be different if the product was offered or marketed on-line versus in-line, why or why not?

3)-Developing brand strategies for services requires special attention to the elements of branding and marketing. Explain the unique challenges to market a service offering versus a tangible product. Identify a specific service offering and which of the eight modes of communicating value (advertising, sales promos, events, experiences, PR, etc.) for your service offering might be the most effective with the target market segment and why?

4)-In developing an advertising program, marketing managers make five major decisions known as “the Five M▓s”: mission, money, message, media and measurement. How do marketers decide on the media mix and the communications budget? For example, allocating a percentage of sales to determine the ad budget is frequently employed but why is that method not necessarily the ▒best practices▓ approach?

Please apply evidence of critical thinking, understanding, and application of core marketing concepts. Let me know if you have additional questions.

Please feel free to use as many references as possible. I put 4 there just for the minimum.

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