Movie review

Movie reviews are always fun when you read them. They can be a disaster when you have to write one. So what does it take to write a professional movie review as assigned in your college or university art and cinematography classes? It takes just about every other skill you need to use to write essays and term papers. Plus you have to watch the movie you are to write a movie review on.

EssayPlant.comhas a long history of providing students with not only term papers and essays on any topic, but also with movie reviews on any movie one sees on a big screen or on video. Our professional custom writers know what it takes to create a quality movie review, while their professional experience helps students to write a true masterpiece. They can write on the actual movie or theater performance/play, comment on the storyline, analyze the screenplay and point out things that most students fail to observe attentively such as: character acting, special effects, sound and video effects, or the relevance of the movie to the target audience for which the movie review is to be written.

The movie review can be written on any movie, on any movie genre be it a comedy, thriller, horror, or action. As a matter of fact the movie reviews follow the same structure regarding the movie or movie genre. As long as the student approaches the movie review writing professionally and diligently paying attention to detail, the movie review can be even better than the movie it is on.

A typical movie review requires students to follow these steps:

1. Watch a movie. Get a general impression of the film and familiarize yourself with the plot and storyline.

2. Write down a summary of the movie based on your first (initial) view of the movie and based on your first impression. It should be 1 page.

3. Watch the movie again for spotting additional details, play of characters, work of producers and errors. It is always better to have a movie recorded on a DVD disk or a VCR tape. Some people can view the movie twice and effectively spot everything needed for a movie review. Others need to analyze the movie scene-by-scene, dialogue-by-dialogue if you will. This should take another page.

4. Regardless of the choice, jot down the following information: plot development, character play, sound and visual effects. The student should read between the lines and think what the producer wanted to say through the movie personages.

5. Write down what you think the movie lacks and how it should or could end. This is necessary to stimulate proper thinking about the movie and the plot. This can take from half a page to one page.

6. Assemble the 2.5-3 pages you have in notes (first impression, second/thorough movie analysis and free writing on a movie, its errors and alternative conclusions) and turn them into a one-two page essay following the general guidelines for essay writing. professional writers can assist you in preparation of your Film Reviews. Their writing experience allows them to grasp the topic and quickly develop a successful essay on any movie, film, performance or show. Do not procrastinate, order movie reviews now or learn more about literary reviews, literary analysis and literary essays!