Observation essay

An observation essay is a snapshot of subjective experiences and information presented succinctly in writing. Many students who know how to write observation essays usually find this type of essays the most enjoyable and interesting. So how do you write an observation essay?

Observation Essays are all about observing certain events, historical masterpieces, photographs, pictures, statues, monuments, buildings etc. During this initial stage of observation, the writers should collect information with their senses using the VAKOG (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory) principles. Therefore, whenever possible, the objects of observation should not only be watched and seen, but also touched, smelled, tasted and heard. The sensual experiences should be jotted down (in the form of field notes) and used as the basis for writing Observation Essays.

Thinking about the experiences is the second stage of writing observation essays. In this stage the writer should set up hypothesis and pose questions to be answered in the essay. These questions must cover every single detail perceived with VAKOG. The writer has to turn the field notes into a rough draft of the essay, presenting the sensual experiences in a sequential manner starting with things that he saw, then heard, then smelled, tasted or felt.

The third stage in preparing observation essays is writing. This final stage demands integration of observation field notes, hypothesis and questions. The process of writing should be based on personal experience with the object . The writer needs to animate the essay with details to assure informal style. The purpose of writing observation essays is to bring the reader into the realm of sensory perceptions that the writer once experienced. The writer should pay attention to detail and to minor strokes to express the objects on paper and to make the reader understand, feel and remember as much as possible without physically experiencing the object of observation. A proof of a successful observation essay is that the reader can recall the object of observation (e.g. the restaurant), comment on its interiors and exteriors, artifacts, decorations, lighting, aroma, materials used to create the object as if he personally observed the object.

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