Observation paper writing. A Ritual From Church.

Observation paper
Assignment adapted from Julia Alvarez essay, ‘Selections from Once Upon a Quinceanera,’ in Emerging pp. 34-55. Physically observe another cultural ritual. Write an essay in Alvarez’s spirit about that ritual≈it could be a coming-of-age or another kind of ritual. How is the ritual preserved today? Determine the function of the social ritual in community life. You may also include the role of the individual in the community effort, the effect of outside cultural influences and the effect of commercialization on the ritual. Ironically, Alvarez asserts that, “the ritual doesn’t change anything” (39). Look at this paradox and write about other rituals that you either observe, research or have experienced.
Write an essay in which you describe and analyze some part of culture. Ideally, you should go out and observe the behavior you’re studying, examining it and taking notes, even interviewing participants, with your project in mind. You should imagine you are working in Alvarez’s spirit, imitating some of her methods and style and carrying out work that she has begun.
Use the following questions and ideas to guide your discussion of the event:
1. Describe the people and the event. What is the function of the ritual and cultural value of the ritual? How is the ritual preserved?
2. Analyze why people act the ways they do and the role of the individual in the ritual.
3. Explore what is important to that particular group in that setting. Maybe explore if the event absorbs outside cultural influences, or if it has changed.
4. Try to draw some conclusions about what constitutes that culture.
You should take copious notes at the event. You may also want to take photos to help you remember the event or you could also do some video or audio recording≈but these are not mandatory and will not be turned in for a grade. Your observation should include people in action.
In this paper, you must have an argument. You will develop your argument through analysis, evaluation, inference, explanation and/or synthesis. The paper cannot simply be observation; you must make a point! You must present a sophisticated idea and draw conclusions.

Aligns with ENG 105 learning outcomes for the course
Develop/pursue ideas, generate original questions, engage in inquiry, asking questions and developing original ideas about subjects, engage in critical, not merely rhetorical, questioning, contextualize/situate their questioning within a larger purpose, become invested in their questioning.

According to the requirement and base on a church which I attended recently,write an observation paper.
Chinese Baptist Church of Miami
Pastor Emeritus:Guanghua Liu
Senior Pastor: Yingjie Huang
Start at 11:00
Silent Prayer
Call to worship:Psalm 92:1-5
Choral Worship: Holy Holy Holy
Song of Praise
Pastoral Prayer
Sermon Passage:1 Corinthians 1:10-13
Message: We Belong to Christ – Yingjie Huang
Song of Commitment
Offering & Offertory
Welcome & Greeting
Song of Response

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