Opinion essay

Opinion essays are the most common and popular types of essays. They are also the simplest types of essays, thus they get assigned before other types of essays. Opinion essays utilize the common essay structure: introduction, body and conclusion. The body part generally has three paragraphs. As the name implies, opinion essays, as a formal piece of writing, require you to write your own opinion on a specific topic. Therefore, the only thing one has to worry is how to present that opinion clearly and effectively. Please, refer to the opinion essay writing tips as presented below.
Opinion essays allow writers to fully express themselves on a particular subject, and present varios points of view, supporting them with facts, reasons and data. To make quality opinion essay, it is important to include opposing points of view in a separate paragraph to acknowledge the existence of dissident opinions.

How to write opinion essays?

To write an opinion essay, it is necessary to use the “logos-ethos-pathos” framework, i.e. appeals to logic, appeals to authority and appeals to emotions of the audience. The main focus should be put on logic and authority (i.e. reputable sources). The emotional elements can be used in the introduction to catch the audience’s attention and to stir up their emotions so that they want to read the paper till the very end. Throughout the body of the opinion essay, one should concentrate on logical arguments and reputable sources (ethos) and opinions.

Essay writing tips

Since every opinion is subjective, you need to decide whether you agree or disagree with a particular subject or topic and continue with your position till the very end. Write well developed paragraphs and use referred transition, so that going from one paragraph to another is smooth and seamless. Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence, that sets tone for the whole paragraph and makes the readers understand what the paragraph will be about. Each paragraph should not have less than five sentences. As any other type of essay, opinion essay should be written first as a rough draft and then corrected, improved, revised and re-written into a final draft. The introduction, three paragraph body part and conclusion comprise the most common structure of opinion essay.

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