Personality Disorder

Personality Disorder >Explain and compare obsessive compulsive and histrionic personality disorders as well as ad the differences between men and women and what they are affected by the most. (this is a position paper)

Guidelines for Personality Disorder paper >Conduct a search to find recent peer-reviewed and scholarly published
research studies to critique and provide evidence supporting or refuting competing real world views (e.g., ⌠Does empirical evidence for Dissociative Identify Disorder exist?■). This evidence shall come from “primary source” journal articles in which the details of the experimental procedures are spelled out, so that you can critically evaluate the conclusions
reached by the authors. You shall not rely heavily on “secondary source” review-type
articles, and you should not put major emphasis on “personal information” already
discussed in class or in your text. In other words, you’ll need to find several recent articles relevant to your topic on your own. Then summarize, critically evaluate, and synthesize them into your paper, discussing how they support or refute the “view” in question. Your
paper shall discuss at least 6 primary source articles in support for your position for or against the “view”. These source articles should appear as references in the Bibliography.
After your critical evaluation of the issue, the last portion of your paper should be a discussion of a proposal for a new research study (a new experimental design) that will help to provide additional evidence for or against the theory in question and answer any unanswered questions about the prevailing “view” of the Abnormal Behavior you chose to research. It should give the details of the procedures, and you should make clear the purpose of the study and why you think the results of this study will help resolve the issues you found in the definition, diagnosis, and treatment of the disorder you chose.

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