Custom written essays, research papers, book reports and term papers written at EssayPlant
come to you with Responsibility, Knowledge and Competence in mind. We achieve
the highest customer satisfaction by employing the following procedure at our

Step 1 : Ordering Custom Essays

The customer places an order and pays through SWREG or Alertpay. The operator examines the order, evaluates the essay, and finds the best professional writer or a team of expert writers to work on the paper. The customer receives a confirmation email and can wait for the authentic custom paper to arrive to the email box on or slightly before the deadline.

Step 2 : Writing your paper

The writer (in some cases a team of expert writers), researches the topic, prepares the essay and forwards it to the Plagiarism prevention center to assure the complete originality and authenticity of the paper and the writers proper use of citations/quotes.

Step 3: Plagiarism detection scan

The Plagiarism prevention center deploys sophisticated proprietary software that checks each essay for plagiarism. Then, again, the essay is manually checked to assure authenticity and originality of the essay. The plagiarism-free, authentic, custom written product is forwarded to the professional editor who will check the the style and the structure of the paper to make it even better!

Step 4 : Manual review of your paper

The editor (or a team of expert editors) reviews the essay to assure it complies with your instructions. If it does, the editor forwards the essay to the customer within the time period specified in the order form. If it does not, the writer rewrites the paper.

Step 5: Emailing you the essay on or before the deadline

The customer receives the custom written essay or term paper in an email. After receiving the paper, the customer is entitled to participate
in our Loyalty Program
to get discounts on subsequent essay purchases. Customer feedback
is always encouraged and is greatly welcomed! We appreciate our customers and learn from their feedback. The feedback helps our custom writing company improve the quality of services and better serve student needs.

Based on the customer’s feedback we take further action regarding: whether to
give EssayPlant writers a bonus or a
reprimand and update the database of customers who deserve free essay pages in the future. Statistics
regarding the most demanded educational and professional essay topics are kept
to assure that EssayPlant can effectively
meet the customer essay writing needs and that it always hires the best and the most qualified writers and editors.

The Essay writing procedure improves corporate efficiency and effectiveness at our custom writing company and helps us keep the prices low. The customers can be 100% confident that they get the best value for their dollar!