Process essay

Process essays are frequently assigned in colleges and universities in order to measure the student’s ability to identify the process, to keep many details in his head and to provide a focused explanation of the process and its importance. Those students who want to know how to write a process essay, need to either read the writing tutorial below or they can hire professional writers and buy process essays.

A process essay explains how to do something, i.e. it describes some process or procedure. Unless it is a well-known process, the writer should define it to make certain, that the readers know what the paper is about. In order to write a good process paper one needs to keep in mind the following points:

  • What process is this essay trying to explain? Why is the process important?
  • What does the process affect?
  • Who does the process involve/affect?
  • How long does the process take?
  • What steps does the process comprise?
  • Why is each step of the process important?
  • Can the process use less/more steps? Can the same thing be done in a more efficient manner?
  • Are there any caveats that the reader needs to know to ascertain that the process is smooth-flowing?

The next step is to assess the target audience, whether or not it knows the process, and what knowledge it needs to understand the process. Since processes of all kinds may frequently involve technical knowledge, the writer needs to arrange the essay in a way to make it readable by the target audience. Therefore, the writer should use the language that the audience understands and may need to use examples familiar to the audience to better illustrate and explain the chosen processes.

The writer should subsequently, analyze all the steps that make up the process and explain the rationale for each of them. The rationale is necessary to make the target audiences (the reader) understand why it is necessary to take a given number of steps, no more or no less.

As with most types of essays students write in college, topics of the process essay should be unusual, not mundane or ordinary. One should not write about topics that everyone has heard of before, for they tend to be boring. The writer needs to keep in mind that a professor will read dozens of papers, so if there are several essays on the same or similar process, then she or he will subconsciously compare the papers written on the same topic with one another. If a paper is written on a different topic, then the professor will focus more on the way paper’s style, language, structure and material rather than compare it to other papers.

Writing on unusual topics will exercise a sense of creativity and professionalism in students, making them better writers. Topics like laundry, proper condom wear, cooking brownies, or changing a car tire present many different and interesting angles that readers are not likely to expect. This is where the writer can impress the readers with his/her unique style, and meticulous analysis of the process.

A process essay always has an introduction, at least three body paragraphs and a conclusion. While the introduction and conclusion parts of the process essay are similar to the introduction and conclusion sections of other types of essays, the body part is unique because it contains three major stages for the process described in the essay. These major stages make up one or more paragraphs in the body of the essay. Each stage has at least one paragraph devoted to every step in the process. If the step is really broad, then 2 or more paragraphs might be required to develop it.

Once the writer figures out the major steps in the process, he will write these steps within each stage. These steps are equivalent to the details that make up different kinds of essay paragraphs. A college student just needs to remember to be very specific, in order not to omit any essential step, and to present the steps in a correct sequence. The process essay therefore, requires a lot of preliminary planning and attention to detail to assure successful end result.

General Structure of the Process Essay.


Stage A

  • step 1
  • step 2
  • step 3
  • step X

Stage B

  • step 1
  • step 2
  • step 3
  • step Y

Stage C

  • step 1
  • step 2
  • step 3
  • step 4
  • step Z


IMPORTANT: The number of stages and steps in each stage may vary with the topic and the process selected for each particular term paper.

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