Reflective Learning Journal

Reflective Learning Journal
You are required to keep a Learning Journal while completing the MSc programme in which you should make at least one entry each week. The Learning Journal should record your learning, primarily focused upon / associated with the following modules:

BMGT4016S/H Organisational Behaviour and Work (OB)

BMGT4025 S/H Business Policy (BP)

A learning journal is a reflective log that records your learning either (i) over a certain period of time or (ii) on a particular topic or module. It is a very useful personal development tool which allows you to reflect on how your study and learning is developing over a period of time, what you are learning and the relevance or application of this learning to your own experiences in a work setting. The content of your learning journal will be unique to you and the themes or issues identified in your learning journal may be very different to those of your classmates.

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