Response essay

A Response essay presents the writer’s attitude towards some (usually controversial) topic. The writer should use formal style, proper referencing and external evidence to create a successful response essay.

The thesis of a response essay is usually about some trends that one observes at present, some theories or dominant ideas in the society that can be related to the writer’s life and behavior.

The body of a response essay concentrates on the actual examination of question and presentation of necessary facts to show the writer’s stance. To write a successful response essay, the writer should use various literary tools such as metaphors, alliterations, allegories, hyperbolas, or assonance. These tools should make the essay interesting to read, easy to understand and straightforward in style.

The use of external references is desired, so the writer should find related themes, articles or topics and use them in essay writing. One can add some proverbs, quotes or well-known sayings to add coloring and professional touch. The writer should not hesitate to add his own opinion or comment on their life experience, yet none of them should distract or confuse the reader.

The Essay conclusion summarizes the body of the essay and reiterates the thesis statement. It repeats the major arguments and clearly states the writer’s position. Response Essays present a new look at the old piece of literature. The writer finds points that other literary critics omit or skip over. It is necessary to be inquisitive yet the writer should avoid being too imaginative and say something that the author of the chosen book, or article did not intend to say. professional writers can assist you in preparation of your Response Essays. Their writing experience allows them to grasp the topic and quickly develop a successful essay. Do not procrastinate, buy your response essay now!