Seeking God’s Will essay

Seeking God’s Will. Read pages 61-94 in The Jesus Priorities (book by Maricle), priorities /Chp 4-6. Although each of these is important, focus your time on priority 6, “Seek God’s Will.”

Jesus Priority #6: Seeking God’s Will
We sometimes hear people say they want to know God’s will. Sometimes it sounds like this: “Everything happens for a purpose.” Or this: “God must have wanted it that way.”
Do you think Maricle would agree? Why or Why not? Explain your answer. Do you agree with Maricle? Why or Why not? Explain your answer.

I want the writer to know that even though this professor says he wants us to disagree with him (very relighious and likes to challenge students) he really wants us to agree with his point of view! I am not a religious person even though I am a Christian I don’t think that church is the only place to be to worship or pray. I believe God is in us and all around us and not in buildings. I also want the writer to know that this professor does not give anyone an A (4.0) grade. He has given me an F for a paper I wrote myself which was really good but was against his beliefs and he accused me of “not writing the paper” myself. I am a B student for the most part and I do not need anything fancy or overly intelligent. This guy has beat me down no matter what I write so just answer the questions and explain. KEEP QUOTES TO A MINIMUM, DO NOT USE ANY OTHER SOURCES JUST THE BOOK.

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