Sequence Essays

As the name implies, sequence essays are essays written in a certain sequential, logical and comprehensive manner. Most often such essays are written in a chronological or reverse chronological order. The main goal of sequence essays is to teach writers how to properly recall, recount and retell specific events or the existing cause-and-effect relationship. This type of essays is extremely useful in teaching writers how to present the information to readers in a proper manner, i.e. easy to read and easy to follow.

sequence essay

sequence essay

Sequence essays are best illustrated by the image above, in which the writer starts from A and proceeds to B, then C, D, and E, going from one argument to another, from one event to another, from one point to another.  It is important not to skip points and not to jump randomly from one point to another.

Sequence essay structure

Thus, to write an excellent sequence essay, it is important to stick to  the following sample format:

  1. Introduction. This is where the writer tells the readers what the paper is about.
  2. Body. This is where the sequence starts (from A, to B, to C, etc.). As noted earlier, once you stick to the sequence you stay focused on the sequence without jumping from point to point..
  3. Conclusion. This is where the paper is succinctly summarized.

Useful tips

  • First of all, know the topic of you sequence essay well, so that you can create some logical structure or sequence in your head before you even start writing. For instance, if you write about the life of Madonna, or Freddie Mercury, you may want to learn about their childhoods, how they started, why they took interest in music, how many albums they had and what ups and downs in life they experienced.
  • Next decide what points to include in the sequence.  For instance, if you are writing about the US or European history, you may want to cover a specific period, such as from the discovery of America to the US Civil War or from the Roman Empire till the Fall of Rome, etc. While one may skip periods, it is still important to follow logically the chosen course of the narrative.
  • Pick the specific order of writing your essay. If one speaks about history essays, usually the order is chronological. On the other hand, if one covers a patient’s history for psychology or psychiatry class, a reverse-chronological order may be chosen to better understand how the current patient’s state is worse (or better) than their past health condition.

Polish your writing

  • Proofread and revise! This advice goes for any essay type, yet it may be especailly useful for sequence essays because one has to be so specific with its format. One may read the paper out loud, re-read it, show it to the friends, family or the loved ones. The paper must be clear and easy to follow.
  • Stick to the outline. Make sure your essay follows the outline, which also present information in a specific sequence. The essay structure above can be expanded further to cover specific topics. For instance, if one is writing a biography of Donald Trump, Shakespeare or Steve Jobs, it may be a good idea to introduce the person. Then, to tell about their legacy (if any), achievements and accomplishments. All these things immediately create a perfect structure and sequence.

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