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Sophocles Electra

Sophocles Electra

Answer and address the six elements in the play Electra by Sophocles with minimum 1500 words.

The paper should not be in paragraph format, rather each section is addressed in a paragraph or two, some maybe more. But, as long as each section is addressed thoroughly and there is a total of 1500 words all is well.

1. Plot. Describe what kind of plot is in story and what makes it so≈(the plot is episodic, climactic, and cyclical for the purpose of this assignment). What is the point of attack?

2.Character- Discuss they type of characters in the play and whether they are Stock, archetypal, or complex characters.

3. Thought≈Discuss thoughts, beliefs, lessons and values discussed in the play.

4. Diction. How is language used in the play? Is the language high-flown or mundane? What is the result?

5. Music. How did music, tempo and rhythm of words impact the rise and fall of action in the timing of inciting incident, complication, crisis, climax and resolution in the play? Furthermore, describe how music, and or the tempo and rhythm of words impacted the tone throughout the play during the rise and fall of action complication, crisis, climax and resolution.

6. Spectacle. How is the scenery, costume, make-up, and lighting, the presence of the actors their movement and body language depicted in the play? What mental images do any of these things create? Consider the time period and stage conventions of the time period that help to create the mental images.

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