Starseeker by Tim Bowler

Starseeker by Tim Bowler – Book Report.

The book Starseeker by Tim Bowler is a book about a young thief (Luke) and a gifted pianist who happened to break into the house owned by an old ugly female. In the attic of the house he found a young girl who was weeping and crying. When the old woman returned and caught the burglar she did not turn him to the police yet rather asked for a favor to do. The pretty girl in the attic was a mentally handicapped child that got especially stressed after the death of her parents in a car accident. The burglar was asked to play some piano for the girl to calm her down. He played well and the girl was appeased. This is what made Luke avoid the problems with the police and imprisonment for his crime.

The main character, Luke, is pictured as grieving for the death of his father for already two years. He cannot control and change the circumstances so he can be considered as a troubled person. He hangs out with local village boys who have mostly illegal things on their minds. Skin, the gang leader demand Luke to burgle the house in order to prove his loyalty to the gang. Luke was supposed to rob the house of a rich widow and bring something valuable. After the accident told Skin nothing of the girl inside the house.

Luke at the same time is always at war with his mother, her new lover, his friends, teachers and even the gang boys. It is only the music that can provide him with comfort and satisfaction. Luke also finds much comfort in the local woods (the unchanging oak tree) where he feels the most at ease because in the past he shared it with his father.

One should note that the book shows the world through the eyes of Luke and his experience with every day life and the music that permeates his whole life with other things being only the background noise that distracts Luke from its pleasures and comforts. Melodies always are present in his head. He frequently sees bursts of colors, images and pictures. He had exactly the same abilities as his father, in terms of hearing sounds in his head and even slightly closing the eyes when hearing these sounds and colors and shapes. It was because of his ability he could hear a girl crying at a very far distance. He can hear flutes, rushing water and constant roar.

Finally, one should note that the book was clearly written for children because it shows how children grow, develop, get affected by the deaths of their close ones and make irrational choices /join wrong companies. The book showed the triumph of talent over the evil, the abilities and art over wrong companies and crime. The book also showed how a young boy reacts to the separation of parents (be it death as in the case of Luke or divorce) and their desire to form ties with new partners. Overall, the book made readers understand that sound values, and the beauty would save the world and help teenage boys to develop into valuable citizens and responsible adults.


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