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Statement of educational purpose

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Statement of Educational Purpose.

Early in my life I had a dream that thousands of people around the world still have, i.e. to live and work in the United States as well as to attain my American Dream.. Being born and brought up in Romania, in the city of Ploeisti I studied and worked hard to some day move to the USA. Then, unexpectedly my parents obtained an immigration visa (Green Card) and we all moved to live in Modesto, California. Being true to my goals and aspirations I entered Modesto Junior College, yet because I do not have enough resources to sustain my education I would like to request a need-based scholarship.

statement of educational purpose

Speaking about my education, I graduated from a high school in Romania, with a 3.5 (out of 4.0) GPA. Being a successful student with bright ideas and interest in sports and extracurricular activities I easily entered the University of Petrol and Gas Ploiesti in Romania where I was supposed to study math to achieve my dream of becoming a math professor. In Romania because of my high grades, active involvement in community activities, volunteering and community service I got a full scholarship. My relocation to the USA allows me to get the best education in the world, to finish my master degree and to become useful to this country and its people.

My father in the USA got a job of a maintenance mechanic at a local hospital. He works as a helper at a temporary agency for the past 10 months, too. Having too jobs does not earn him much money necessary to feed his family as well as give me money for education, room and board. My mother, who used to be an accountant in Romania has to work as a nanny and a baby sitter because the accounting standards in Romania, in which she specialized, are different from the US GAAP and she cannot work as an accountant here.

statement of educational purpose

Even though I got accepted to the university, and although I have great aspirations and determination, I do not have enough money to fully finance my education. My parents do not make a lot of money, so they cannot help me. They told me that they do everything possible to help me and my sister succeed in the USA, to become upward mobile, yet they do not have enough resources to assist me or my sister in any meaningful way.

statement of educational purpose

I need this scholarship to continue college and to accomplish my goals. I am sure that if I get the scholarship I will be able to make my college proud of my achievements and my community happy to have me as a citizen. A scholarship can give me a chance to succeed in life and to achieve my aspiration of becoming a good Math professor who can help American children advance their knowledge, as well as become more educated and successful.

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