Stress Log

Stress Log.

For this assignment I will record routine and unique stressors encountered during 1 week (7 days). Next, I will record my psychological and emotional reactions to these stressors and how I responded physically to the stressors (physiological stress response), and how I coped with each stressor (use of interventions).

Let me summarize the stressors I encountered during the week

  1. I unpacked a newly bought camera and found out that it doesn’t work.
  2. Shopping assistants always escort me the instance I enter the shop.
  3. I did not immediately drive when the lights turned green, and the guy behind me started blowing his horn.
  4. I was trying to concentrate while reading a book in the library and person near me tapped her foot.
  5. I had a bubble gum get stuck to my pants from under the table.
  6. As I passed by a group of females they started laughing at my back.
  7. I always get in traffic jams on my way to and from school.

It appears that the routine stressors are the traffic jams and shopping assistants escorting me most of the time. Perhaps there are other routine stressors that I do not pay much attention to.

Patterns of stressors: Those are all caused by my high expectations towards something, be it our traffic, salespeople, or shops. Usually I idealize things around myself and when they prove to be not ideal, I get angered.

Responses: Frequently, I want to face the trouble and resolve it in somewhat aggressive or assertive manner because I believe that the best defense is offence which resembles the preemptive strike doctrine of Bush. So indeed if I get stressed I might say some bad words, yell or roar. After such emotional expression I tend to act logically and try to resolve the problem in the best possible way.

Coping methods: I usually try to develop a procedure or habit that would prevent me from unusual stressors and at the same time avoid routine stressors wherever possible. The best method is to write the stressors down as I usually do and analyze how they affect me and what emotions they create. Subsequently it helps me to see what emotional fallacies I make (such as tunnel vision, mental filter, exaggeration, self-blaming) in order to avoid them in the future. This personal analysis allows me to at some point of time to ignore and leave routine stressors unnoticed as well as helps me to face the unusual stressors in the most efficient manner in which I get only the positive emotions.


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