Suing the school

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There are numerous reasons why the school gets sued over a personnel issue. It is difficult to say which particular district has what major problems, yet probably the most likely cause of personnel problems and court cases is the improper termination. Again, I could not find any relevant information which clearly showed what school district got the most problem with personnel over what issues, so I had to use common sense. It is almost impossible to prove any violations of the hiring process because the applicant does not know for certain whether he was unfairly denied employment or someone was better. Reassignments are a part of normal school operations, so they occur frequently and again a teacher has a weak case here. Just like a Greyhound bus driver cannot really make a case on that he was given a more risky route or uncomfortable schedule compared to his friend Jack, so teachers cannot complain effectively over reassignments. Termination procedures, on the other hand are likely to be the most frequent causes of legal battles for the following reasons:

  1. A person has nothing to lose, since he is already fired.
  2. A person feels insecure as he has no job now, so he wants to punish the offenders with a legal battle.
  3. A teacher feels cheated and wants to reverse the situation and brings it to court.
  4. Frequently firing procedures are not followed so the teacher has a strong case.

Procedural Due process hearings are very important to all school administrators. The procedural due process applies whenever fairness dictates what should be done. The court determines the amount of due process based on the severity of action the school government is seeking. The more severe action the more due process one requires. This makes perfect sense since the more severe action is sought the more ground it gives to lawyers and dissatisfied parties who might want to take the school district down with lengthy court hearings.

Due process hearings in this case provide an effective formal framework through which a school can achieve its goals and objectives while at the same time assure their effectiveness and irreversibility by court.

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