Black Box Accounting

Black Box Accounting: good or bad? I would like to start by saying that just 30 years ago, the set of rules governing corporate accounting in the USA would fill no more than three volumes and would fit in a briefcase of any corporate workers. Since then, nevertheless, the financial and accounting standards have increased […]


“Leadership is both a process and a property.  As a process, leadership involves the use of non-coercive influence.  As a property, leadership is the set of characteristics attributed to someone who is perceived to use  influence successfully.” (Giuliani, 211) I would like to start by saying that despite numerous definitions leadership is the creative process […]

Managing People in Facilities Management

You are a consultant who has been brought in to understand the reason for poor performance of services for a large multi-site client. Your review has established that, due to internal promotions, the ability of front line supervisors to manage and motivate staff requires development. Write a report on the topic “Managing People in Facilities […]

Strategic Management of Starbucks

Strategic Management: Starbucks. From the case study available at the following URL we explore Strategic Management of Starbucks and the changes that took place within this company. In order to under the company even better let’s explore the following questions: 1. Starbucks as noted in the case study under the leadership of Howards Shultz […]

Financial fraudulent schemes

Need for overcoming financial fraudulent schemes Most investments are legitimate and the majority of registered salespeople are considered by the US customers to be honest. However, some salespersons are not honest and some “investments” are phony which once again present a fraudulent financial scheme. Everybody should thoroughly research any “investment opportunity” , especially if it […]

Marketing Management

Hi- This essay is relating to Marketing Management. Please address the following in the essay. Also, for each of the question, please answer only within one page per question. 1) What are the brand elements of Apple (at least half dozen of the brand elements) contributing to its brand equity. What are Apple’s brands channels […]