Team performance analysis

Referring again to the models, competencies and other frameworks and tools we’ve covered this course, give your independent (and confidential) view of how your team performed in preparing the presentation.

For example (and don’t tell me none of these happened because when you get a bunch of people working to a deadline, they always do):

– Recount any actual or potential intercultural communication barriers and how you or the team got round them;

– Which contrasting culturally influenced preferences or values based factors for behaviour were evident in your group – for example, was someone very task-oriented and others relationship-oriented? (was someone driving/organising), others agreeing and following? Direct v. indirect communication style? monochronic/polychronic? high-context low-context?

Give one or two instances where rapport management was important to maintain harmony and progress in the group – boosting someone’s quality face, for example, or bringing interactional goals into line?

If there were disagreements, which style(s) was (were) used – neglect? compromise?

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