Technological Environment and It’s Impacts on Businesses

Analysis of the External Environment & Technological Environment

o A brief explanation of the external analysis and a brief description of the external environment.
o Detailed information about the ⌠technological environment■ and it’s components such as ⌠level of technology■, ⌠pace of technological change■, ⌠technology transfer■ and ⌠R&D budget■.

 Changes in Technological Environment in the Past Decade

o Business related developments and changes in technology over the past 10 years

 Effects on Work Environment

o The effects of changes on doing business and work environment

 Effects on the Organization

o Organizational level effects of the changes


o Genesis of CIO and CTO
o Job desription, necessity of the position and organizational role
o Differences between two positions

 Threats and Opportunities

o Threats and opportunities caused by technological environment
o How to deal with them?
o Positive and negative examples

 Effects Globally

o Global impacts of technological environment on businesses

 Effects in Turkey

o Impacts of technological environment on businesses in Turkish market

 The Future

o Projections and predictions about the future of technological environment
o Changes in progress
o Developing products that will change the way we do business today
o Examples of future products

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