Why us?

In academic writing industry there are many competitors and it’s time for you to learn why us, why choose Essayplant. New writing companies come and go, yet only few remain for years making their way to the very top of the market through diligent work, determination and quality writing services. EssayPlant.com has helped thousands of students over its history, constantly improving its services, introducing new services and striving for perfection. It is proudly called one of the leaders on the custom writing market. So what do you need to know to select the best and the most qualified company to work on your assignment and why EssayPlant.com may be the optimal choice for you?

Let’s briefly comment on how students tend to pick writing companies. Most fall for flashy banners and cheap prices, yet get disappointed. It is not surprising because cheap prices usually reflect cheap, unqualified writers, while flashy banners show that the company is concerned only with impressing you. It is necessary to make smart choices and select the best, most experienced and professional writing service providers for your essay or term paper. Please see the advantages and core competencies of EssayPlant.com below to understand why this particular custom writing service has what it takes to satisfy your writing needs.


Custom writing services with EssayPlant.com mean essays and term papers written from scratch just for you. All your assignments get done by professional writers confidentially adhering to the instructions that you provide in the order form.

Not only we write zero-plagiarism, authentic papers, we also have a two-tiered system to assure that even unintentional plagiarism does not take place. After each paper is written it is checked by professional editors and by the plagiarism detection team that runs it through a high-quality proprietary plagiarism-detection software. In this way your paper is checked for plagiarism twice: once by the editors and once by the professional software. For the customers who worry the most, we even provide a plagiarism report that proves the paper’s uniqueness and originality.

Why us? Because of BEST-IN-CLASS QUALITY

As a student you probably know that being overwhelmed with university papers and homework assignments means stress, constant lack of time, inability to concentrate and to enjoy the study.
EssayPlant.com is here exactly to help you study more independently, to learn how to manage your time and priorities through the best-in-class custom writing services and friendly support team. We do not make empty promises, yet back up our quality with professional team of self-motivated writers and editors as well as with the years of experience. Even when you feel like you do not have time to write something or when you believe that you cannot possibly complete this assignment-have no fear! For our high-quality, professional, and experienced writers you essay, term paper, research paper, book report, thesis or a dissertation is a piece of cake!

Our custom writers and editors know what needs to be done and they do it right!


After placing an order, you get assigned your personal account manager who handles all communication with the writers and editors and delivers your custom paper. Your account manager and the customer support team is there for you 24/7.
If you have any worries, concerns, or doubts, do not hesitate to contact us. There is always a person to provide qualified help. Our friendly customer support team proves to be especially useful to the new customers, who may feel uneasy placing their first order and who need that extra assurance and kind words. This happens because many of our new customers have had unpleasant experiences with other companies.
Our return customers seldom use our customer support, because they know that after the order is placed, they may relax and forget about the assignment for a while. All they have to do is to check their email shortly before the deadline to find a quality assignment in their inbox. EssayPlant.com does the rest…


Many customers worry about the confidentiality of their personal information simply because many companies out there fail to provide confidential writing services. At EssayPlant.com privacy is our top priority and just like the best-in-class essay quality. Buying from EssayPlant.com is safe and secure for the following reasons:

  • Your personal information is always kept confidential.
  • Your pay through one of the most reliable and secure internet merchants (our payment partner) in the world.
  • Even your writer does not have access to your personal information. Your account manager handles all communication and upholds proper security procedures.
  • The completed essay is written just for you, so it is never available to any third parties without your consent.

So do you still want to experiment with low-priced services from the companies with flashy banners? Try our services at least once-and you will know what quality writing is!


In the recent years, EssayPlant.com started to offer custom writing services for other companies on the market that for one reason or another cannot handle certain orders. In fact, there are writing companies that only invest heavily in advertising and flashy banners to attract the customers, charge very high prices for papers, then re-order these papers from EssayPlant.com and pocket the difference.

We take pride in EssayPlant.com services, especially those ordered by competing custom writing companies, because such competitor practices demonstrate both the quality of writing and the affordability of our services.


We guarantee all our clients that the services will be presented by our best writers in a confidential manner. The papers will be written strictly according to your instructions and should there be a problem, we will revise the paper for free (See our Revision Policy). All papers will be authentic and free from plagiarism. We always try to satisfy our customers and years of experience demonstrate that we can do it right. Our writers, editors and customer service team members go out of their way to make the whole process smooth, efficient and quick. When you order from EssayPlant.com, you can remain certain that your paper will be done right and on time!
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