Worker of the future

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Unit 4 Exam Question.  “The worker of the future must develop new and different attitudes about work per se and career development.” What is this person called? What are his/her characteristics and how does he/she see the world?

The worker of the future certainly needs to develop new and different attitudes about work per se and career development in order to remain useful for the future employers. There are different attitudes and skills that one has to develop some of which are represented below:

  1. Lifelong learning. This is probably the most important attitude that the future worker will need to possess to be in high demand. Regardless of the current intellectual abilities of an individual he/she will need to learn new things because technology improves, practices change and companies alter their expectations about successful workers. A future worker will need to always improve his/her skills, abilities and practices. This worker will never stop  learning and will view the process of learning as important and necessary.
  2. Multilingualism. As the world globalizes and China, India, Russia and some other countries start to play an increasingly important role in world’s politics, economy and the global society the employer of the future will need to develop the skills to communicate with distinct partners and co-workers. It is necessary to note that
  3. Interpersonal communication. This element will be a part of any workers of the future because despite technological improvement and increases in communication and information systems, it would be people who need to be motivated and encouraged to work properly, accurately and effectively. In order to get something from others be it an employment, a pay raise, or a vacation one has to remain a good communicator. The employees of the future will need to work effectively on polishing their skills and abilities.
  4. Cultural awareness and understanding. The last but not least is the cultural knowledge that would directly or indirectly affect the future working practices and procedures especially when the world’s economy becomes even more globalized and more and more companies open their offices around the world.

Finally, one should note that this person is called a cosmopolitan or a citizen of the world. He sees the world different than modern day workers because he understands the foreign culture better and how it affects the behaviors and attitudes of people with whom he establishes contact. Such employee is flexible enough to work different jobs and to grasps the contemporary technology and understands the management practices because she/he endorses lifelong learning and self-development. It is a person who makes educated choices and smart decisions.

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