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Custom Essay Writing is the core competence of EssayPlant.
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Auxiliary custom writing services comprise the following:

1. Business Writing.
Custom writing for business organizations means creation of professional
business reports, memoranda, ratio analysis, company evaluation, memos, spreadsheets, slips, speech scripts,
bills of laden, job interview questionnaires and any business
related homework and calculations.

2. Personal Writing.
Custom writing for personal needs implies custom written letters of motivation,
resumes, application letters for colleges and universities, interview follow-up
letters and thank-you letters.

3. Presentations
Custom written presentations are required when custom essay
writing is not enough. Most business or academic meetings require PowerPoint
presentations to supplement speeches and spreadsheets. After all, a picture
is worth a thousand words.

4. Research Writing.
Certain college and university subjects require students to work on laboratory
assignments and independent research. We provide these customized services at a very
high level of competence.

5. Editing Services.
If you have your essay written already but want to give it professional edge
and looks you can make use of our editing services. Editing services cost
only 70% of regular orders. So if you want to revise a 10 pages essay, you
need to order a 7-page custom essay.

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